GTA 4 Cheats & Tips

GTA 4 Cheats

When you first start out playing grand theft auto or if you thought you would start from the beginning again, then these gta 4 cheats are for you. Eventually you reach the point where you realize that you just want to trash the city and drive around ridiculously fast. This is where cheats come in. There are variants of cheats, ranging from unlocking weapons and health all the way down too different cars and other types of vehicles. To type in a cheat, go to Niko’s cell phone and type the number in for the cheat to be activated.

GTA 4 cheats

This gta 4 cheat is one of my favorites, it spawns the M.O.A.H or Mother of All Helicopters, the Annihilator. This helicopter has a missile launcher and machine gun combined, so you will have no difficulty in dispatching wave after wave or police and shooting down helicopters. The latter does take some skill as they will be moving quite fast.




This is a cheat for the brave or fool hardy because you use this enough times; you will have a full six stars and will be immediately shot at, so it is not a cheat to be taken lightly. Even a very skilled person can struggle to survive with this cheat. If you are not feeling on par with Rambo and gunning down more police and swat then you can kill. Then you can use it a few times, as it raises your wanted level by one each time, so the less brave (or foolish) can just go up to three or four stars.




While this cheat does not give you a complete advantage, it does start you off with full health and a few weapons. Which when you are struggling through the first few missions, can be quite useful. You can also use it when you are being chased by police or even civilians and cannot find a hot dog stand.




This is another popular cheat, as it gives you a wide variety of top class weapons. In case you run out of ammo or haven’t unlocked any of the good guns, this is the main cheat too wreck havoc among the city. You may want to fire RPG’s at cars or into Cluckin’ Bell. Maybe you just want to throw grenades out of the car window, this cheat is for you, it gives you the Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, SMG, Combat Sniper, Combat Shotgun, Carbine Rifle and the RPG.




This cheat is for those who wish to jump or drive off the top of a building and land in ridiculous ways. This spawns the Sanchez (which references the TV show) and drives very quickly. This bike has all the moves, you can wheelie of the top of moving trucks or back-flip off the tallest building with this dirt bike. The sky is the limit. A gta 4 tip -or challange on reddit- is too use this vehicle as a weapon when you know your going to die. You jump off at the last minute and watch the bike fly into a crowd of people, so at least you get too go out in style (almost).


While these are the more popular cheats, there are lots more which can be useful or just plain fun. Their numbers are:


362-555-0100 – Health and Armor

486-555-0150 – Weapons (Poor) – Molotov’s, Knife, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper and RPG

267-555-0100 – Remove Wanted Level

468-555-0100 – Change the Weather (This is considered more of a gta 4 hint as it isnt very useful and gives you no advantage)

938-555-0100 – Spawn Jetmax

625-555-0100 – Spawn NRG-900

227-555-0100 – Spawn FIB Buffalo

227-555-0175 – Spawn Comet

227-555-0147 – Spawn Turismo

227-555-0142 – Spawn Cognoscenti

227-555-0168 – Spawn Super GT




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